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Behaviour after surgery

We strongly recommend the following dos and don´ts to make sure that the surgical wound can heal fast and without any complications.

  • Due to the local anaesthesia and the physical stress during surgery your ability to react as well as your fitness to drive is limited. Therefore we strongly recommend you to have someone drive you home and not drive yourself.
  • When a swab has been placed on the surgical wound you have to bite on it in order to keep it in place and spit it out half an hour later. Please do not touch the surgical wound with your tongue afterwards.

What can I do when I suffer from postoperative hemorrhage?

  • If, against expectations, you suffer from postoperative hemorrhage, put a gauze bandage onto the wound and bite on it so that the fabric is pressed against the wound. If a gauze bandage is unavailable you may also use a handkerchief. We strongly advise you not to use a soft tissue!
  • Do not lie down but stay seated instead. If the hemorrhage does not come to a stop within one to two hours, please contact our practice
  • Avoid constant irrigation of the wound after a dental extraction.

What can I do when the wound is swollen?

  • Swelling after surgery is unavoidable. Cold fomentations on the affected area of the cheek may help to reduce the swelling quickly. You should cool the cheek from the outside during the first two days after surgery. Usually, swelling will continue three to four days after surgery.

When can I start to eat or drink again?

  • Please do not eat anything until senses in the anesthetized region have returned completely. We then recommend you to only eat soft food for about three to four hours. You should avoid eating hard bread crust and crumbly food such as cereal, whole-grain bread and such. Please spare the affected area when chewing until the suture has been removed.

What to do when the wound hurts?

    • Feeling pain in the region of the wound is to be expected when the anesthesia is reduced. Therefore please take the prescribed aspirin as assigned on the prescription.
    • If you are in a great deal of pain one to three days after surgery, you need to contact us immediately for post-treatment.

Within the first days after surgery we strongly recommend you to go without the following:

Alcohol, bean coffee and black tea. Do not smoke!
Avoid physical exercise for about four days.
Avoid any kind of heat treatment such as sauna, red light, sunbathing, hot full bathing and drying hoods.