Nowadays, periodontology is an integral part of dentistry. Unfortunately adult patients meanwhile lose more teeth due to periodontitis than due to caries. Due to an inflammation of the periodontium bones and gums draw back. As the periodontal apparatus decreases teeth may seem lengthened or may even loosen.

As this disease is accompanied by chronic inflammations, negative effects on the cardiovascular system are scientifically proven. At an early stage pain and swellings may appear. The gums often are reddened gum bleeding occurs. When a gingival crevice has developed in the first place domiciliary dental care can rarely prevent further bone resorption. Professional assistance is necessary.

It is our task to identify all causes and prepare a customized and state-of-the-art treatment concept. The goal is to stop further bone resorption and regenerate lost tissue. To achieve this goal we use modern techniques such as gene probe tests, piezosurgery and laser-assisted periodontal therapy